Bad Driving Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Car

  • Published: 30 March 2022
  • Bad Driving Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Car

The way we drive can have more influence than we think on the overall condition of our cars, and quite often the lifespan of component parts can be linked to the way we behave behind the wheel. There are a few habits that it’s easy to get into that could be damaging your car and increasing the need for you to visit a repair centre, like the one we have here at Avalon Motor Company.

It’s worth keeping these habits in check when you’re next out and about to prevent any problems further down the line; for your car, and for your bank balance. 

Overloading your car

Carrying too much weight in your car can put great strain on the brakes and suspension, and speed up their wear and tear. Every car comes with a weight limit, which, if exceeded, could mean a fine and penalty points as well as damage to your vehicle. You can find this maximum weight limit in your car’s handbook. 

Revving a cold engine 

When an engine hasn’t had the chance to warm up and the oil hasn’t yet circulated, revving can damage essential parts of it. It’s best to warm the engine up gently for the first 15 minutes of your drive when you’re starting the car from cold. 

Riding the clutch 

This is perhaps a habit that you’ve been warned against before, but that many motorists still do unconsciously. Riding the clutch wears down the clutch plate, so removing your foot from the pedal once you’ve changed gear will keep that costly repair at bay for longer. 

Late braking 

Sometimes it’s unavoidable (and lifesaving), but if you regularly leave braking until the last minute, it’s likely that your brake pads and discs are suffering as a result. Anticipate hazards and respond to road conditions accordingly to ensure you’re breaking in plenty of time, reducing damage to those all-important parts. 

Resting your hand on the gearstick 

This casual habit puts constant pressure on the selector fork and rotator collar, which should only be in contact when you change gear. Over time, this can lead to wear and tear, so whilst it might feel like a natural place for your hand to rest, it’s best kept on the steering wheel. 

Hitting bumps and potholes 

This is one of the most obvious ways to damage your vehicle, and on UK roads, it’s a pretty common risk too. Problems with your tyres, wheels, suspension and wheel alignment can all arise from a bump or hole in the road, so avoid these wherever possible. 

Shifting into reverse too soon  

Damaging any part of your transmission can mean a pricey fix, so you’ll want to avoid putting your car into reverse while you’re still moving forward, as this can damage both manuals and automatics. 

Ignoring warning lights 

Whatever your car is trying to tell you, it’s always best to heed the warning. Consult your vehicle’s handbook to find out what the illumination on your dashboard indicates, and get booked in for a diagnostic test - our experienced technicians can do this for you here at Avalon Motor Company

Car repairs in Glastonbury 

Whether you’re guilty of any of the above or not, having an aftersales centre that you can trust to replace parts on your car when they wear out can provide both convenience and peace of mind. We’re proud to offer car repairs in Glastonbury at Avalon Motor Company thanks to our well-equipped workshop and knowledgeable team. Find out more about the aftersales services we offer here

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